Yarn and Ewe Girl Podcast Episode 14: Giveaway Goodness!!



Yarn and Ewe Girl Podcast: Episode 14


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I have winners to announce!!!


Winner for the Lacy days of Summer Kal is….Daynamyte on Ravelry. Her name is Dayna and she wins for her entry of the 3 pips (peas in a pod) shawl.

Winner of the 100 Subscriber giveaway is….Dinahflo on Raverly. Her name is Diane “

My first experience with knitting was when I took a class at Sears so I could learn to knit a baby blanket while waiting for my first baby to be born.

I also wanted to tell you all about my first yarn experience. Which I forgot to do last time. We had an afghan that was on my parents bed growing up. It was cream in color and was crocheted. It had popcorns and all this wonderful texture and I loved it. Turns out my dad actually made the afghan. He was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer when I was about 3 and he told me that the doctors recommended crochet or knitting as a hobby that might help him relax. So as any good patient he said he tried it out. It wasn’t something that relaxed him though. Like all things he took to it obsessively and apparently cranked this blanket out. I always thought it was amazing that he made this beautiful huge blanket. When I was in college I decided I wanted to try to make something like it. I bought about 10 skeins of Red Heart yarn and one of those crochet afghan magazine things and set to work. My sister wanted to learn as well, she got about 3 inches into her blanket and called it quits. I made a giant afghan that I still have to this day. It is battered and beat up, it has been cut in places where my kids went at it with scissors but it was the start of my journey and I think I will always keep it.


Finished objects:


Rodin Cardigan:


Yarn is Imperial Columbia 2 ply in Pearl Gray color. I used 6 skeins but have quite a bit of the 6th skein left. So much that I think I can make a pair of thrummed slippers with it. I absolutely love this sweater!! It is so warm and cozy. I love the cable detail on the trim and collar. The pattern is from Interweave knits Fall 2016 20th anniversary edition. It was fairly simple for the most part. All garter except for the cabled edge. I finally figured out the trick for cabling without a cable needle.




Camp Wilkerson Shawl


Finally onto the fourth color!!! Using US Size 6 needles and Sweetgeorgia dk in Mink, Silver, Glacier and Pumpkin. 100% SW merino


Gussetted Helmet liner: This is going to be the Sackboy head for Dylan’s costume. Yarn is Imperial Tracy Too in Chocolate. It is a sport weight yarn 100% wool 395 yds per skein. Using US Size 6 for the ribbing and 8 for the head portion


Kandahar Socks for my sister: Not even worth mentioning. I think I did 2 rows. I haven’t even made it past the ribbing. Yarn is Ancient Arts in the Frost Flower color.  80% superwash merino, 20% nylon Fingering weight


Glove/fingerless mitts: Sorta making up a pattern as I go. I am using the Paint by Numbers hat pattern as a template for the colorwork. I am trying again to attempt some colorwork. The Sockmatician is doing a strandalong that started October 1st and I am hoping that this will give me motivation to complete some gloves. I have a bunch of Brown sheep fingering that I will be using. I have had this in my stash and completely lost all the tags for it. No idea what colorway any of these are. Also I decided to use dpns for this. I am not a huge fan of dpns. I am probably setting myself up for failure but we shall see.


I had to take a little break from knitting this last week so I haven’t felt like I have made much progress on anything. I was having some numbness and tingling in my right hand. I think maybe I had a pinched nerve or something. It kind of freaked me out though. I took 2 days off and have only tentatively been knitting, a few rows here and there. But that gave me a good excuse to work on the dress I am making.




Deer and Doe Cardamome dress. Using a cotton and steel fabric. Cotton lawn. I have done both the front and back bodice pieces and started working on the pockets for the skirt. I had everything cut out but a few of the techniques in the dress I wasn’t sure how to do. The smocking had me stumped and I did many a test run on some of the scrap fabric. I have never worked with elastic thread. I am a little concerned that it won’t have enough stretch. This dress has no zipper and the smocking and the front button placket on the bib are all that you have to help you to get into it. I am going to be optimistic and hope for the best.



First I just wanted to give a big thank you and shout out to the sisters of the Mean Girls knit podcast, Rebecca and Stephanie. It is because of them that I made a big yarn purchase this week. You two crack me up!! If you haven’t checked them out be sure to do it you won’t be disappointed. They are funny and honest and have a very real attitude about knitting. Thank you for the kind words and the podcast love.


They inspired me to sign up and join in the Westknits MKAL that starts this Friday. I have never knit a Stephen West project, but I admire his daring style and have had my eye on the Exploration Station shawl of his for awhile now. I spent 2 days agonizing over color choices. I dug all my stash out and just couldn’t come up with a color combination that I really loved so of course I had to buy some yarn. It is a 4 color shawl and it was so hard to pick 4 colors when you don’t know what is going to be where. In the end I chose to go with Madelinetosh Tosh merino light in Esoteric, Dustweaver, Posy and Coal Seam. Tosh merino light is 100% merino fingering weight. Each skein is 420 yards. Apparently you need at least 400 yards of each color so I should be good to go. The first clue comes out this Friday so I will be caking these up and getting started on this project then.
I also snagged myself a skein of Voolenvine yarns. Kristen of Voolenvine yarns and the Yarngasm podcast did a preorder for a mystery colorway and I got in on that. Her yarn is very hard to come by and I really wanted to try it out. I have never been able to get in on one of her updates so I was excited about the prospect of snagging something of hers even if it was a mystery. It is on her Blitzed Base which is 75% SW merino 20% nylon 5% Stellina Fingering weight. Color is Mooncusser. It is amazing!!!

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